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  • Website and its importance
    A website is a collection of pages representing a company, business or any idea on the World Wide Web files. Website is simply a virtual location in the 'cyberspace'. Depending on your business or idea and the time and resources you have, a website may consist of a one or hundreds of thousands of pages. You should communicate your business requirements to your website design company, which in turn will be able to suggest the number of pages and any other functionality that will be useful for your visitors. Websites are extensively used by corporates, big and small businesses and even individuals to provide information about their products and services and invite inquiries and hopefully orders. A website and a good website design combined with marketing and search engine optimization activities is playing an increasingly crucial role in helping businesses and individuals achieve their objectives.
  • Describe about Domain and Hosting ?
    When you have a site visitor, they use your domain name to view your website. Computers communicate by using numbers, called IP addresses, to contact each other. Domain names on the internet are much like entries in a phone book. The phone book tells people looking for a business what the entries are just as a domain tells people that a domain is hosted on the server. Without a domain, you would have to tell your customers that your site is located at a temporary url such as 123.456.789.123 instead of using a domain name such as mysite.com, making your site appear unprofessional and impractical. The web-hosting or server is much like the space that you rent out to have your business in. Without the hosting services, you won't have a place for your files to reside, and your site files would have nowhere to stay.
  • What is the role of S.E.O in Website Development ?
    Content still reigns as the king in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some websites get on top of search engine rankings because of high-powered link building campaigns. This basically means you should be creating really quality pieces that are useful and engaging for humans because the search engines will recognise your efforts. Your readers will share your work generating additional backlinks, not to mention extra traffic, and search engines will recognise your quality piece because it will flow naturally with not too many keywords. Write content people want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. The search engine will read those social signals as a signal of the quality of your domain. You can accelerate the spread of your content on these sites by having an account on these social networks with lots of followers.
  • How we post Advertisement on your website ?
    Fill the contact form on our website or send your query along with your ad image to 'info@lewasol.com'. We will get back to you after received the mail.