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Website Development

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Web Development is developing a website for personal and public use. It can be within local network or public network (World Wide Web, W.W.W ). Our development services include web design, client & Server Side Programming, Domain & Website Hosting, S.E.O etc. We are building websites for Company / Organizations, Educational Institutes, Divine purpose websites, E-commerce Websites, Personal websites, Social Media Websites etc.

Our client side scripting include langauges like Ajax ( Asynchronous Javascript and XML ), Javascript, JQuery, HTML5 & CSS3. We use open source programming languages like PHP, MySQL for server side scripting.
We Provide many layer protection for our associated websites like high level programming security & Server Security.

We guarenteed that our services are excellent quality & ontime delivery at its best market price. We provide free promotion for websites through social media websites. We build a websites for charitable orgainzations at no cost.

Software Development

Lewasol Software Development, Software Development, Lewasol, lewasol.com Software Development
Apart from website development, our team recently started software development. We have wonderful team to develop a commercial & open-source softwares. we also make sure our products always satisfies customer needs, with its simple and easily handling usage. We also provide good maintenance service for our softwares via online or in direct sites which one is most suitable for our clients.

We are proud to be have in the field of softwares with the help of high efficient tools and its required equipments, study, creation, testing, maintenance etc.

Our teams are highly expert in programming langauges like JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, .NET etc. So we are highly confident in satisfies your needs.

Stages of software Development.

( 1 ) Analysis the Problem
( 2 ) Market research
( 3 ) Collecting Requirements for the proposed business solution
( 4 ) Create a design for the software based solution
( 5 ) Coding of the software
( 6 ) Testing the software
( 7 ) Deployment
( 8 ) Maintenance & Bug Fixing

Wordpress Applications

Lewasol Wordpress Applications, Wordpress Applications, Lewasol, lewasol.com Wordpress Applications
Wordpress is free & open-source web development tool and Content Management System (CMS) using PHP & MySQL. Its plugin architecture increase its demands. So, now wordpress is most popular in the field of web applications. So we always focusing to create high end easily customizable web applications using wordpress framework with highly secure admin support.

After the development, you can easily customize its templates and its modules from admin side. So you can control your websites without much support from developers.

Content Writing

Lewasol content writings, content writings, Lewasol, lewasol.com content writings
Content writers have important role in current IT era. We have good & talented writers to write a relavant content for your websites and blogs. We first understood your business and its needs, then prepare a keywords for your websites. Keywords have important role in Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O ). So keyword enriched contents are soul of every content websites.

Our contents are always easy to read and understand by customers. So it attracts more visitors and subsequently increase its traffic. It brings your website to highest rank in search engines.

For write a content for your websites, please follow this steps.

( 1 ) Send us a link for your website via contact form
( 2 ) After the confirmation mail from our team, write us needs and type of your business.
( 3 ) Our marketing team will contact you, after your business proposal is approved.

Internet Marketing

Lewasol Internet Marketing, Lewasol Marketing, Lewasol, internet marketing, Lewasol Service, IT Company
Marketing via online ( Internet marketing ) is world's leading trend in business sector. We all know strategy, eventhough companies could not have to control all those things in regular basis and potential manner. So in this matter we help you to boost and promote your business and your websites via social medias and other online websites.

By providing advertisements in our every associated websites, we pick you to right customers at right time. It always corelated with relavant content on your website. We post your updates in social media site, at customers peak time

Our Internet Marketing Sector includes :-

( 1 ) Ad Marketing ( Image & Text )
( 2 ) Social Media Marketing
( 3 ) Outbound Link Marketing